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  • Your home is no doubt the best place on the earth which makes you feel like heaven! Everyone wants the exteriors and interiors of their home to look as pretty as possible. Most of the people are of the view that this requires a lot of money and now their home cannot change the way it is. Wait! Hold on! Renaissance Development is the solution to all your worries!

    We are a leading home renovation & home builder service company across Toronto and have renovated homes in a style which the home owners could never have imagined of.

    Let your dream house be built now! Ask for a renovation now !

    What makes renovation so important ?

    • Live to your lifestyle – Renovation helps you custom your home according to your lifestyle. There are members in the family who have different tastes and likes.Wouldn’t it be the best to design your house according to what they like to be around? Also, you can have an office, sports room, play room, gym etc. depending on your taste.
    • Home value – A newly renovated home definitely has a more resale value than ever before. With beautiful interiors and exteriors, it makes the worth of your property even more.If you are looking to sale your house, a renovated one can get you much more profits than you would get otherwise. More the value of your house, more the smiles on your face! The team at Renaissance Developments just works for the same!
    • Maintenance – Every home over the years falls prey to a lot of damage. Interiors and exteriors don’t look as pretty as they should. Windows and door lose their charm over the time. Apart from all these cracks, strength of your home starts to fall.This makes renovation a must for your home. This will save you a lot of money in the future. Our skilled team has advanced skills and techniques to take care of any kind of maintenance.
    • Additions/Upgradations – You can always add things to your home. Think of outer lawns where your whole family can sit in the arms of Mother Nature. Your bathrooms, doors and windows may be requiring some urgent or designing work.Don’t forget that it can be redesigned to be more comfortable and pretty. Our professionals make sure your tastes are delivered to perfection!

    Why hire us ?


    We believe in fair practices and keep all are dealings transparent. We demand only what we deserve.


    We are general contractors in Toronto who are skilled enough to handle any damage done to your house.

    Fast & Efficient

    We don’t like to create piles of mess for too long at your home while working. We deliver the best results in the minimum time possible.

    Upgrade your home to your dream home! Give us a call today!